is it safe to wear a body shaper after c – section delivery?

I was wondering if its even ok to wear a body shaper after a c section im going to have my c section on the 4th next month . i dont want to look like a whale after

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7 Responses to “is it safe to wear a body shaper after c – section delivery?”

  • His LadyBug:

    You should wait until after the 6 week ok check up. I had a c-section followed by a hemotoma at 4 weeks post pardem. That is where your incision opens because of fluid build up behind it. Most of the time, it’s from pressure on the stomach, such as wearing too tight of pants after the surgery . . . so a body sharper I would think would be same way. Theres a few different things that can cause a hemotoma including if you have a thicker belly or if you go a little too rough after wards (doing too much too soon) but you can also get it from a bad closing from the surgery. It’s not fun at all. I came open and just gushed pink thick hot melted yogurt like fluid and it just would not stop. Had to go get my stomach squeezed by the doctor to push the fluid out. Had to take these HUGE q-tips and put it into the hole in my incision and run it under my skin to keep the passage open for 2 weeks to keep the fluid out… Yea it’s pretty nasty and awful. I would take looking like a whale over that any day. I seriously thought I was dieing when it came open… stuff that they don’t warn you about!! Good luck on your delivery!

  • Jennifer G is having Twin Boys in August:

    It will probably help to make you feel more together.

  • Bailey's Mom :-):

    Your body needs time to heal and you do not want to put any pressure on the incision, so ask your doctor how long you have to wait until you can wear a body shaper♥

  • avasmum:

    supportive underwear is probly a good idea BUT be careful not to wear it too tight. i think you shoudl talk to your doctor/midwife about this and see what they recommend. and be aware that you may find tight clothing uncomfortable fora while after your c section anyway.

  • Bunny:

    yo just wait awhile

  • ~*~AsHiEs~*~AuNt~*~:

    it would probably be fine to wear one as long as the incision is healed but you really need to ask your doctor/midwife about it and make sure

  • TTC, Waiting impatiently for BFP:

    Is this real?

    Who cares if you look like a whale after giving birth?

    Listen, I had trouble wearing simple underwear after my c-section, let alone tight binding body shapers.

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