Will wearing a body shaper while working out help shed lbs?

I walk uphill about 4 times a week and do ab work 2-3 times a week. I do this while wearing a girdle that covers my tummy area and thighs because I remembered hearing a model say that it helps shed inches. Is wearing this doing anything or is it a myth.

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3 Responses to “Will wearing a body shaper while working out help shed lbs?”

  • wickederror:

    Ok, this does not make a difference, unless of course it’s so tight it’s causing you to work physically harder to exercise.

    Bodywraps are a flat out scam and while a bodyshaper might make you feel more comfortable in a dress, it won’t help you shed permanent weight. What is happening is the excess restrictive covering around your midsection is making you sweat and heat up faster so you are losing water, which can make your physical workout more difficult because of faster dehydration (but won’t cause better results).

    I know well about losing water weight. I wrestled in college and have competed as a pro fighter since then and I’ve seen many people shed waterweight to make weight …doing everything from spitting all day long, to jumping rope in a sauna, to sleeping in trash bags at night so they sweat. That weightloss isn’t permanent, you are simply dehydrating yourself. When you drink an ample amount of water this weight will return.

    Also, if this is tight and falsely supporting your midsection while running, it might be effecting your normal body mechanics or lessening the workout of your core muscles, which are important. I would recommend working out in normal clothing. The bodyshaper or wrapping yourself will do absolutely zero for you as far as actually getting in shape is concerned.

    As far as burning fat off a specific area of the body, that doesn’t happen either. Your body stores fat where it genetically is predisposed to store it. It will also take it for fuel where it wants to. You cannot target specific areas of the body for fat loss. The only way you can lose fat on a specific area is to lose fat on your entire body. You might be able to make one part look better by toning your muscles, but that’s it.

  • tantalizin1:

    Yes it actually works. I tried it and I shed some pounds around my waist area. Also to lose inches from your stomach area, wear some Saran wrap around the stomach while exercising

  • Anirbas:

    It might work if it’s causing you to sweat a lot. But, it’s probably not going to target any specific area.
    I wouldn’t trust what any model said, I mean these are the same bunch of broads that abuse nicotine and cocaine to stay skinny. Not all models, but a lot of them do really bizarre stuff to stay thin.

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